Femininity, Womanhood

The Biblical Woman: Sidelined Dispensable or Necessary Sustainer?

“Woman of God, hear me. Though society and media may have led you to feel objectified and dispensable, you’re not. Your designation as a helper doesn’t point to your inadequacy, but to your indispensability. You’re not an afterthought. You are not a “less than.” You were created with intention in the image of the ultimate Strong Helper. Your primary purpose is not to be anyone’s arm candy. It’s not to be the quarterback’s sideline cheerleader. It’s not to be anyone’s object, trophy, house servant or inferior. You are not expendable. As “it is not good that the man should be alone,” humanity needs you — just as it needs men with their unique gifts, tasks and responsibilities.”

To see the rest of my latest Boundless article on Biblical womanhood (a term that notable comes with baggage for many) click here.


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